2014-09-28 16:12:20
Mongolian economic growth in recent years is stabilized at 10%, and China has been its largest trading partner and investor for consecutive 10 years, making a significant contribution to the local economy development. Mining is the economic pillar of
2014-09-17 11:57:08
Chinas coal consumption accounts for almost 50% of the worlds total coal demand. China is reliant on the fossil fuel for two-thirds of total energy consumption and 80% of its electricity generation. However, as the environment conservation awareness i
2014-07-30 16:31:47
BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Vale are working on lowering the production costs in order to strengthen their dominance in iron ore markets. Australian mining giant BHP Billiton has produced 225 million tons by the end of June of the year, 4% more than t
2014-07-16 11:53:04
Dexing Copper Mine is located in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, which is Asias largest open pit copper mine and second in the world. Dexing Copper Mine has rich and sustainable copper reserve, ranking top of the the countrys copper deposit, characterized
2014-07-02 17:25:31
Mineral processing is also known as mineral dressing, or milling, which is used to extract the valuable minerals in the ores from gangue. It is widely used in the selection of metallic ores, coal and other non-metallic ones. There are two fundamental
2014-06-27 15:47:01
The worlds largest iron ore miner CVRD has also joined the other Australian iron ore companies to cut price with significant increase in the global iron ore production and drop in Chinas iron ore demand. The worlds third-largest mining company Rio Tin
2014-06-11 17:24:59
Iron ore is the major raw material of steel, accounting for 60% of the cost of pig iron. As the Asia steel industry is rapidly developing, there are several market operating properties come into being in the iron ore market. Over the past decade, the
2014-05-13 16:09:24
According to Australian maritime association yesterday, port workers would be on a strike if the dispute between the tug workers and operator in port Hedland cannot be solved within in 30 days. It is reported that the exported iron ores of three big
2014-03-26 10:37:55
The mineral processing is composed of two most important parts, which are mineral liberation and mineral concentration. The object of mineral concentration is to collect products with value. However, most mineral processing techniques fail in the ultr
2014-03-10 16:04:25
One of the main procedures of mineral processing is to liberate or release the valuable minerals form the raw ores. The liberation process refers to the ores to be ground down to a number of similar sizes that the contents are visible. The degree of l
2014-01-17 14:50:17
Earlier this week, the nickel price had raised significantly in the week affected by the unprocessed ore export ban in Indonesia. The spot market price of nickel in New York yesterday has reached $ 6.47 / lb in 4 days. Chinese stainless steel industr
2013-09-09 14:13:09
To protect the public drinking water source against pollution, more than 60 mine processing plants, 2800 mines, private open mill and mines in Miyun county, Beijing have been shut down since the early 1990s. Despite the prohibition of gover
2013-09-04 11:14:16
Romanias President advices to vote on whether allow the Europes would be largest gold mine project or not. Opponents hold that gold mine will use the massive cyanide, which would seriously damage environment. In January 2000, Romanias cyanide leakage
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