North America Iron Ore Mining Project

Application:Iron Ore
Pump Configuration:EHR-6F,EHM-14TU,EVM-65Q

Project Description
1. Raw ore daily output : 68500 tons per day
2. Mineral processing technology : flotation and magnetic separation

Horizontal Pump Parameters (thickener underflow pump) :
  • Capacity : 855m3/h
  • Head :      14.11m
  • Slurry specific gravity : 1.66
  • Cw : 53%
  • Solid specific gravity : 4.03


Horizontal pump model: EHR-6F, rubber liner, metal impeller; Vertical Pump models: EVM-65QV and EVM-100RV.
They are satisfied with the pump life-time, especially the wet parts, reaching to 6 months.
The slurry concentration is high around the pump suction area, because of the slurry sedimentation, which leads to the pump block and wet parts short life. Excellence added agitator to the pump suction end. It can small the slurry concentration and enhance the wet parts performance and life-time. Customer thought it was a good solution.
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