Coal Washing Project

Application:Coal Washing
Pump Configuration:The Whole Project

Project Description
Coal reserves are available in almost every country worldwide, with recoverable reserves in around 70 countries. At current production levels, proven coal reserves are estimated to last 147 years. Excellence has shipped 20 sets of EHM pumps to the South American coal washing plant and the pumps are applied in the whole project.

Q: 450m³/h       H: 30m
Q: 216³/h           H: 40m
Q: 108m³/h       H: 40m
Excellence has provided three varied pump models according to customer's demand.
Pump model: EHM-6R   
Our management team and engineers have been to the coal washing plant for on-site training and maintenance.
Excellence engineer went to the coal washing site to help eliminate water leakage problem. After careful examination, he successfully discovered that the seal water pressure was not enough. The leakage is solved by increasing the seal water pressure and amount.

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