Slurry pump shaft power calculation
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Slurry pump selection refers to some main steps and methods, and the formula for the calculation of slurry pump selection, mainly about the calculation of slurry pump shaft power. In addition, according to different operating conditions, it also involves some calculation of slurry properties, such as concentration calculation, slurry density, average flow velocity, settlement velocity, etc. Besides pump head and others are also needed to be done. In this passage, Excellence pump industry focuses to introduce shaft power calculation of slurry pump selection:

The slurry pump shaft power calculation formula: P=m*g*h/η, and its derived formula: P=ρ*Q*H/102η (pay attention to the safety factor);
Q for capacity, h for head, and η for efficiency.

From the reading of two basic parameters, flow and head, in the slurry pump performance curve, we can know the efficiency of actual working, and then use the shaft power formula to know the result. Capacity and head is the basis of the slurry pump selection, which must be provided by our clients.

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