Excellence Pump passes the inspection from the Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau
time : 2018-01-30 14:52 Come from :Excellence
On 28th April 2017, two inspectors from the Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau in Hebei check the slurry pump products which will be exported from the following aspects: pump model, performance, quantity and size. The whole inspection procedure goes on very smoothly due to full prepration, and the inspetion result proves that all the data meet and higher than the industry standard. 

The advanced testing equipment in Excellence Pump is considerd to be in leading level in slurry pump industry by inspectors.

The inspetors are checking the test data of slurry pumps.
The inspectors from CITB (Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau) exchange views with the our production department about quality control enhancement and detailed business, ask for corresponding requirements, and meanwhile give praise to the achievements Excellence Pump get in increasingly enhanced pruduct qulity and quality management.

Manager Sun Jingqiao from Quality Control department accompany with inspectors from CITB (Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau) to check the slurry pump.
After the CITB inspection, the pumps will be exported to overseas with elabroate packaging. For Excellence Pump, this is a very important order with the biggest mining group in X country in the first half year of 2017, and it has postive significance in tecnical improvement and market stablization. 

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